Welcome to Could You Sign Here Please.

My name is Nigel, and I have been collecting autographs seriously as a hobby since the beginning of 1999, although my first autographs were collected back in 1978. This website originally existed up until May 2012 when I stopped maintaining it, and decided to take it down. It showcased my growing autograph collection, and also helped me keep track of themed collections.

This version is slow growing, with older items in my collection added very occasionally, although new additions are a bit more frequent. I doubt if every autograph in my collection will ever make it on to this site as I have thousands, but I do aim to add key themes.

I also included some of my old pages that need to be updated to the new format as it will be a while before I do this, plus an events theme.

Last updated 01 September 2018 (History Of Changes)

Why Autographs?

I initially started collecting a few autographs from some local shows in Watford, and it was nice to meet some people I enjoyed watching on television. I also started writing to a few people around the same time. I enjoy being able to thank people for their work, and the autograph is a permanent memory of that interaction. I am also fascinated by handwriting, and signatures. My own handwriting is very poor, and I find some people to be truly artistic with their handwriting.

I love the memories the hobby provides.

Chat To Me And Others

There is enough content here now to open up a little, so have created a Facebook Group for anyone interested to join, and chat to me and hopefully others about anything on this site or autograph collecting / conventions in general. It is a closed group, so chat is private to members.

CYSHP Facebook Group