The Brady Bunch

Florence Henderson
Carol Brady
Christopher Knight
Peter Brady
Susan Olsen
Cindy Brady
Sherwood Schwartz
Brady Brunch Creator

Happy Days

Henry Winkler / Tom Bosley/ Marion Ross
Fonzie, Marion & Howard Cunningham
Anson Williams / Marion Ross
Potsie Weber & Marion Cunningham
Mike McKean
Lenny Kosnowski (L&S)
Suzi Quatro
Leather Tuscadero
Cathy Silvers
Jenny Piccalo
Anson WIlliams 1
Potsie Weber
Anson WIlliams 2
Potsie Weber
Cindy Williams
Shirley Feeney (L&S)
Henry Winkler
Arthur 'Fonzie' Fonzarelli

The Partridge Family

Brian Forster / Suzanne Crough [d]
Christopher & Tracy Partridge
Shirley Jones
Shirley Renfrew Partridge

Welcome Back Kotter

Gabe Kaplan
Gabe Kotter
John Travolta
Vinnie Barbarino


I have titled this page Americana as it refers to to classic family value American television viewing that has entertained millions for decades. Some might not admit it, but many of these shows provided lots of happy memories, and this part of my collecton is a celebration of that.

For Happy Days, I have also included a couple of autographs from spin-off Laverne & Shirley.