Christopher Atkins, Linda Gray
Peter Richards, Su Ellen Ewing
Linds Gray, Charlene Tilton
Su Ellen Ewing, Lucy Ewing Cooper


Patrick Duffy
Bobby Ewing
Linda Gray
Su Ellen Ewing
Larry Hagman [d]
J.R. Ewing
Susan Howard
Donna Culver Krebbs
Howard Keel [d]
Clayton Farlow
Ken Kercheval
Cliff Barnes
Ken Kercheval
Cliff Barnes
Jesse Metcalfe
Christopher Ewing
Juan Pablo Di Pace
Nicolas Trevifo aka Joaquin
Mitch Pileggi
Harris Ryland
Priscilla Presley
Jenna Wade

Meeting Cast Members

Met Mitch Pileggi at the excellent Wales Comic Con on the weekend of 2/3 December 2017. As well as getting him to sign a couple of pics including one of him as Harris Ryland in Dallas, I had a photo taken with him.

Mitch Pileggi
Wales Comic Con (December 2017)


I loved watching Dallas from it's eary days all the way to the end of the modern reboot which sadly came to an end at a time the show was getting better and better. It is great escapist drama with soap opera plot twists galore, and boass some wonderful characters. The reboot carried on the story just as the tv movies did after the main series ended, so I am treating them all as one and the same.