John Barrowman
Patrick Logan
Andrea Bowen
Julie Mayer
Andrea Bowen
Julie Mayer
Ricardo Chavira
Carlos Solis
Dana Delany
Katherine Mayfair
James Denton
Mike Delfino
Nathan Fillion
Dr. Adam Mayfair
Lyndsy Fonseca
Dylan Mayfair
Felicity Huffman
Lynette Scavo
Kathryn Joosten [d]
Karen McCluskey
Joy Lauren
Danielle Van De Kamp
Sharon Lawrence
Maisy Gibbons
Kyle MacLachlan
Orson Hodge
Shawn Pyfrom
Andrew Van De Kamp
Doug Savant
Tom Scavo
Brenda Strong
Mary Alice Young
Tuc Watkins
Bob Hunter


When this show was first announced I mentioned it to the missus, and assumed it would be chick flick territory. I was very wrong. I watched the first episode with my missus, and began a brilliant journey watching a fun comedy/drama that had plenty of twists. Along the way I came across some new actors and actresses, and some old screen friends.