The Original Series (1966-1969)

Majel Barrett [d]
Nurse Christne Chapel
Joan Collins
Sister Edith Keeler
(The City on the Edge of Forever)
Jack Donner
(The Enterprise Incident)
Pamelyn Ferdin
(And The Children Shall Lead)
William Shatner
Captain James T. Kirk
Beverly Washburn

Lieutenant Arlene Galway [The Deadly Years]
Grace Lee Whitney [d]
Yeoman Janice Rand

The Next Generation (1987-1994)

Levar Burton
Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge
Denise Crosby
Lieutenant Tasha Yar
Michael Dorn
Lieutenant Worf
Jonathan Frakes
Commander William T. Riker
Gates McFadden
Dr. Beverly Crusher
Marina Sirtis
Counselor Deanna Troi
Brent Spiner
Lt. Commander Data
Patrick Stewart
Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Scott Thomson
Daimon Goss
(The Price)
Wil Wheaton
Wesley Crusher

Deep Space Nine (1993-1999)

Nicole de Boer
Lieutenant Ezra Dax
Avery Brooks
Captain Sisko
Terry Farrell
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax
Penny Johnson
Kasidy Yates
Ciroc Lofton
Jake Sisko
Stephen Macht
(The Circle / The Siege)
Alexander Siddig
Doctor Bashir
Paris Themmen
Fawning Fan
Nana Visitor
Major Kira

Voyager (1995-2001)

Robert Beltran
Roxann Dawson
B'Elanna Torres
Kate Mulgrew
Captain Kathryn Janeway
Tim Russ
Garrett Wang
Harry Kim

Enterprise (2001-2005)

Scott Bakula
Captain Jonathan Archer
John Cothran
Gralik Durr
(The Shipment)
Scott Macdonald
Commander Dolim
Anthony Montgomery
Ensign Travis Mayweather

The Old Movies (1979-2002)

Nichele Nichols
Uhura (I to VI)
David Orange
Wotein (VI)

The New Movies (2009-ongoing)

JJ Abrams
Producer (I & III) & Director (I & II)
Joseph Gatt
Science Officer 0718 (II to III)
Chris Pine
Kirk (I to III)
Simon Pegg
Scotty (I to III) / Writer (III)
Zachary Quinto
Spock (I to III)
Deep Roy
Keenser (I to II)
Anton Yelchin
Chekov (I to III)

Meeting Cast Members

I do not get to meet too many people, but have met Walter Koening, Alexander Siddig, and Ethan Phillips, all at the same event. Sadly, I do not have a photo from meeting Walter, but do have pictures from meeting Alexander and Ethan. Walter was fascinating as I also love Babylon 5. Alexander is a very, very good actor, and I enjoyed meeting him. Ethan was most fun, and we had a great laugh, including defacing a Benson cast pic he signed for me with a doodle over Rene Auberjonois wih Star Trek character references.

Alexander Siddig
London Expo (18th May 2002)
Ethan Phillips
London Expo (18th May 2002)
Ethan Phillips
Benson Cast Pic

Jul 2015 saw me meet Tim Russ and Nicole de Boer at London Film and Comic Con. I already had Tim's autograph, so just got him to sign a General Hospital book, but had a pic with him. Nicole kindly signed a Star Trek picture for me.

Nicole de Boer
London Film and Comic Con (July 2015)
Tim Russ
London Film and Comic Con (July 2015)

Sunday 30th July 2017 saw me meet Wil Wheaton at London Film and Comic Con Olympia. It was great meeting Wil and adding his autograph t my collection as well as having a photo with him. Nice guy.

Wil Wheaton
LFACC (July 2017)


Like so many I watched Star Trek as a boy, and was overjoyed when first the movies, then the new runs of series kicked off with TNG. It has been an amazing journey, and the reboot films from 2009 onwards have been superb. I am lucky to have as many great cast members as I do in my autograph collection as it is not a primary theme for me, but I take the opportunity when I can to add new autographs.