Boardwalk Empire

Charlie Cox
Owen Sleater
Jack Huston
Richard Harrow
Paul Sparks
Mickey Doyle
Michael Stuhlbarg
Arnold Rothstein
Shea Whigham
Elias 'Eli' Thompson

The Last Ship

Marissa Neitling
Lt. Kara Foster
Jocko Sims
Lt. Carlton Burk
Travis Van Winkle
Lt. Danny Green

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

David McCallum / Robert Vaughan [d]
Illya Kuryakin / Napoleon Solo
[Music From The Man From U.N.C.L.E. CD]
David McCallum
Illya Kuryakin
Robert Vaughn [d]
Napoleon Solo

Miami Vice

John Diehl
Det. Larry Zito
Don Johnson
Det. Sonny Crockett
Michael Talbott
Detective Stan Switek

Mission Impossible

Peter Graves [d]
Jim Phelps
Martin Landau
Rollin Hand

Prison Break

Sarah Wayne Callies
Dr. Sara Tancredi
Sarah Wayne Callies
Dr. Sara Tancredi

The Sopranos

Drea de Matteo
Adriana La Cerva
James Gandolfini [d]
Tony Soprano
Joe Pantoliano
Ralph Cifaretto

Starsky & Hutch

David Soul / Paul Michael Glaser
Det. Ken 'Hutch' Hutchinson / Det. Dave Starsky
Antonio Fargas
Huggy Bear


John Hart [d]
The Lone Ranger
[The Lone Ranger (1952/53)]
David Hasselhoff
Michael Knight
[Knight Rider]
Judd Hirsch
Alex Reiger
Eddie Izzard
Wayne Malloy / Doug Rich
[The Riches]
Doug McClure [d]
Cash Conover
[Barbary Coast]
Ben Mendelsohn
Danny Rayburn
Ricardo Montalban [d]
Mr. Roarke
[Fantasy Island]
Sarah Paulson
Miss Isringhausen
Jon Provost
Timmy Martin
Duncan Regehr
Don Diego de la Vega / Zorro
[Zorro (1990)]
Italia Richi
Emily Rhodes
[Designated Survivor]
Dwight Schultz
'Howling Mad' Murdock
[The A-Team]
Don Shanks
[The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams]
Karri Turner
Lt. Harriet Sims

Meeting Cast Members

Attended Heroes & Villains at Olympia end of May 2017. This is another event run by Fan Fest who also put on Walker Stalker. It is targeted at the tv/film superhero/villian fans. I was chuffed to meet Italia Ricci who has been in Supergirl, but for me is brilliant in Designated Survivor which I got a picture signed for. I also had a photo op with Italia and was allowed to take a picture while she and her partner actor Robbie Amell signed pictures for me. Nice couple.

Italia Ricci
Heroes & Villains (May 2017)
Italia Ricci & Robbie Amell
Heroes & Villains (May 2017)


This page is a celebration of some of the people from a larger selection of shows I have enjoyed, but not collected many autographs from. There is some brilliant acting talent on this page. All of these are shows I have enjoyed immensely, but not focused on with my hobby. I would love for these areas to grow, and they could end up with their own pages at some point.