How did I end up in Cardiff on the same day Walker Stalker London 2017 was starting? Well, I had a hissy fit about WSC pricing, and sold my vip ticket. I did later buy a Sunday general entry ticket - see my report for that, and spend time in London with my friends which was awesome.

To put pricing into perspective. My entry ticket, return train fares frm London to Cardiff, and single autograph/selfie with three guests came to less than one photo with Norman Reedus or Jeffery Dean Morgan at WSC. I definitely had value for money in Cardiff as well as a great time. It was also a real binus to spend some time with my niece Harri who goes to uni in Cardiff (first time I had seen Harri in 10 years), and also see a great friend Kat.

I know Showmasters events well, so wasnot surprised to find this was well organised, and a tidy little event. They packed a lot into the Motorpoint Area, and was very impressed with a rich array of dealer stalls that were better than usual. I picked up a few bits and pieces for people. I left about 3pm having done everything I needed to, and hot tailed it back to London for a fantastic evening with friends in London.

The first guest I met was for my friend Sam - Dilu Miah. Sam wanted a signed picture of his Star Wars character, and he happily obliged, possing for a picture.

Dilu Miah
[Star Wars The Force Awakens]
I then met Clive Russell who was awesome in Game of Thrones and Thor: The Dark World, plus many roles over the years. Nice guy to meet, and he kindly signed two photos for me, my friend's GOT poster, and posed for a pic with me. We had a chat about Game of Thrones characters who had met their demise, and he told me an earlier collector that day only collected dead characters.

Clive Russell
Brynden 'Blackfish' Tully
[Game of Thrones]
Clive Russell
[Thor: The Dark World]
It was then a quick shuffle along the table to the lovely Indira Varma. To be fair I only really know Indira for GOT despite her being in many productions. She kindly signed a photo for me, my friend's GOT poster, and posed for a pic with me. We had a brief chat about Game of Thrones and what is to come - she says season 7 is going to blow minds.

Indira Varma
Ellaria Sand
[Game of Thrones]
It was then another quick shuffle along the table to beautful Bai Ling. I first saw Bai in The Crow, and she has appearedin many roles since including an appearance in Lost. A lovely lass. She signed two photos for me, and I had a photo op with her.

Bai Ling
[The Crow]
Bai Ling
I finished up meeting Jimmy Vee who has played a few DoctorWho creatures,and is now legendary as the new R2D2 in Star Wars. He signed two photos- one for me, and one for friends, and I had a photo with him.

Jimmmy Vee
[Star Wars The Force Awakens]
All in all, a very good little event, and one I would be happy to return to in future. Only a couple of hours from London Paddington by train, and a short walk to the venue. I did take a few other pictures while there.