London Film & Comic Con July 2015

I could only get to the opening day, but it was equally fun and frustrating. My experience was better than some I talked to who had really bad experiences with staff, organisation, etc. For me, and many, the worst problem was the heat. With such large crowds, it was almost dangerous. The other obvious problem was lack of knowledge among staff about where people were, and co-ordinating queues.

It was brilliant to see someone I have known online for 13 years for the first time, an obvious highlight of my day. Also saw someone else, albeit briefly.

Only joined the queue outside about 80 minutes before opening, and it was already very, very long. Chattng to my friend made the time go faster, and they were great company on and off during the day. To be fair, once the event opened, the queue moved incredibly fast. Once inside, the first problem started. The venue is so vast, over four floors (two main floors), that it took too long to find key people. My main target was Richard Dean Anderson, and I ended up with virtual ticket 126. In the process of finding the key people, we did identify where most people we wanted were, and it was ok getting nearly everyone throughout the day. If you have disabilities, or any problems with legs or feet, it is a tough, tough day. Moving through the crowds hampers getting to some tight (5 mins in many cases) slots for photo shoots. Many people missed shoots. Also, food and drink is outrageously priced. Note to self for future - take own.

There is no doubt these days (weekends for many) are expensive, and I have often criticised the cost of them. Some guests are still more expensive than they should be, whereas others you can understand due to the demand. All in all though, everyone I met was very pleasant, fun, enthusiastic, and made it wirthwhile meeting them.

Rather than do a chronological run through of who I met, I will group the guests by the themes they represent for me.

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Doctor Who

One of my main collecting areas, but not an area I tend to spend much on if possible as I mostly collect through the mail, and have built a large collection this way. I was thrilled to meet Jamie Hill though as I had struggled to get him through the mail. Lovely yung chap really into signing at a big show for the first time. He did an amazing job as the Mummy in Mummy on the Orient Express, and I chose a nice 10x8 that represented the story.

Star Trek

Like many I have enjoyed the different Star Trek shows since I was little. Although I met Tim Russ today, it was not for Star Trek as I already have a Star Trek 8x10 signed by him. Today I met Nicole de Boer who played Lieutenant Ezri Dax in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. She still looks stunning to this day. I was not allowed to pose for a pic with her, but was allowed to take a pic of her at her signig desk.

Walking Dead

I really love this show, and have built up a sizeable autograph collection in a short time compared to other shows I like. One of the main reasons I wanted to attend was the chance to meet Michael Traynor and Steve Coulter who were so integral to the finale episode of the last season of Walking Dead. I also took the opportunity to meet a young lady who played a character called Joan in episode 4 (Slabtown) of the last season, Keisha Castle-Hughes. All three were so lovely to meet. Steve and Michael were lots of fun and very chatty, but Michael's positive energy is so infectious you just get caught up in the moment with him. I had pre-booked photo shoots with Michael and Steve, and Keisha kindy posed for a photo with me at her signing desk. I got a 10x8 signed by each guest, and got all three to sign a poster I bought to start a multi-signed project I will add to at Walker Stalker London next February. Additionally, my friend pointed out a UACC registered dealer we know who had some nice Walking Dead signed items. She grabbed a couple, and I added Danai Gurira and Sarah Wayne Callies who were missing from my Walking Dead autograph collection.


Specifically, the Arrow and Daredevil shows which have been wonderful. I have a growing Arrow collection, and got my first two for Daredevil today. Meeting Kelly Hu was awesome. She is a brilliant actress, and she signed 8x10s for both X-Men 2 (Lady Deathstrike) and Arrow (China White) for me. Kelly was also the other person I had a photo shoot with. She was very popular, and I had to go back to her signing desk a couple of times due to other commitments before getting her autographs. The two lads from Daredevil were great fun - Tommy Walker and Peter Shinkoada. Both were full of energy and brilliant to chat to. Tommy in particular was revelling in this being his first major signing show, and seeing my t-shirt talked to me about Michael Traynor who is a friend of his. He would LOVE to be on Walking Dead! Both lads were happy to pose for pictures with me near their signing desks. Peter could see I was hot and even offered me his own water and fanned me!


I saw Ken Kirzinger was attending and this to good an opportunity. Ken now becomes my fifth different Jason Vorhees on an 8x10. One very tall man. I stand close to 6ft. Leaning over his desk in the picture with me you cannot appreciate his height as he is not standng straight. He towers over me!

Babylon 5

One of my favourite sci-fi shows for many years. I have a lot of autographs from the show, but could not resist adding Robert Rusler who played Lt. Warren Keffer. He kindly signed my multi-signed pic, and an 8x10, plus joined the General Hospital book I started today (see below). This man was full of energy and is clearly popular with many. He was more than hapy to pose for a pic with me.

General Hospital

British television viewers may not be familiar with GH, but it has been a daytime drama in the USA since 1963, and broadcasts 5 days a week. My wife Kelly has watched it for over forty years, and I have watched it for over 15 years since we got together. It does not broadcast over here. Initially I made a deal with a lady in the USA who recorded episodes in eschange for me sending her EastEnders episodes. She sadly got ill, and passed away. Before passing away she asked her husband to send us her copy of the coffee table book General Hospital Scrapbook which is lush, and packed with facts and pictures. Since then I have continued to get the episodes. I have collected many signed photos for us over the years from the show. This LFACC offered the chance for me to get the legendary Richard Dean Anderson (Dr. Jeff Webber) who is popular for many other shows also. He was very young when he did the show. I also saw that three other guests had appeared in the show - Erin Cahill (Cassandra), Tim Russ (Dr. Trent), and Robert Rusler (Blake).

Erin Cahill is popular for many roles, especially Power Rangers, but she had a nice part as the villainous Cassandra in 2009. Tim Russ played Dr. Trent in 2006/07. Robert Rusler played a character Blake at odd times since 2004 and as recently as June this year which he talked to me about. Richard played Dr. Jeff Webber from 1976 to 1981 and was a huge hit on the show.

I was not allowed to take any pictures with Erin but did take a picture of her. She was very nice and enjoyed talking about General Hospital. I already had photos signed by Tim, so just got him to sign the book. He had a big grin talking about this role instead of Star Trek.

Richard was tough to get. Having got a virtual ticket after arriving, I did not get his signature until gone 7pm in the evening. Even then I had to be naughty to get it. Due to a lengthy photo shoot, the heat getting to him, and lunch, he was not available for signing most of the day. The ticket queue was stuck at number 70 for hours. He eventually started signing again at 6:45pm, but the queue was limited to gold pass holders only as they did not think there was time for anyone else. I just joined the queue and they asked me if I had a gold pass, so I said yes, but no-one asked to check it! Result! They were rushing people through really quickly, literally seconds with Richard, but when it got to me, and the General Hospital book he was blown away. Even more so when I showed him the old pic of him inside. He just sat staring at it, and by the time we finished talking about the show, I had been with him for minutes, not seconds. I may have peed some people off. He loved seeing the book, and it was so much fun meeting him as he was excited about signing for me. I was unable to get any good pictures of him, but did get him signing for me, although you cannot see his face. This was for me, the end of a tiring, but fun day, and the icing on the cake. The book was a surprise for my wife who is not well, and she loved it.