This was nice event to attend. The organisers take it to different towns each year, so it was not far to hop from Hemel to Watford. Like so many over the years, OFAH has made me laugh many, many times. I am not a die hard super fan like some, but the chance to meet some cast members locally, and for only a fiver, was a great opportunity. That fiver also guaranteed two free autographs with each of the eleven guests. This will go down as the best value event I have ever attended.

For thirty quid you caould get in and meet the guests from 09:00 instead of normal entry at 10:00. I was not getting too much, so figured normal entry would be fine. The event worked by having all the guests in a line of tables on one side of the hall. Fans then queued to meet them in snaking lines inbetween lines of chairs which could be used for sitting while waiting. All the time, old episodes wereshowing on screens around the room. If you were not in the queue you could see props or set re-creations. At various times some of the guests wuld spend a few minutes each on stage joking or telling stories about the show. It was unusual, but as I was primarily there for the autographs, it worked fine for me.

Here are some random pics from the event -

It was a long wait in the queue, but the chairs made a difference, and it there were a lot of fun people to talk to. The guests worked their butts off. They started signing and posing for photos at dead on 09:00. and apparently were still there until nearly 19:00, long after I had left. I know they only took a thirty minute lunch as well. I have much respect for them as it was not a huge event for making money with the two freebie autographs, and they posed for photos free of charge. The way it worked meant you met everyone which was pretty cool. At some events you can end up missing a guest or two. Here are pics of me with the eleven guests -

Gwyneth Strong
Cassandra Parry / Trotter
Jeff Stevenson
Pc Parker / Comedian
John Challis
Paul Barber
Philip Pope
Tony Angelino
Sarah Duncan
Lady Victoria
Tessa Peake-Jones
Raquel Turner

The event had a one off poster which I got signed by everyone, and I got the guests to sign a variety of items. I'm probably a rarity in the hobby. While many people get as much as they can for free to sell later, I just collect what I need that matches my requirements. As such, for some of the guests I just got them to sign the poster even though I could have had a second signature from them.

John Challis signed two of his books for me. Sue Holderness signed a Snow White 2014/15 panto flyer, EastEnders 20 Years book sigs 13 and 14 by Steven Woodcock and Nabil Elouahabi (this now has 57 sigs in it). There were a couple of other items, but they have sadly been sold to help fund our house move in 2015.

OFAH Con Cast Poster 2014
Signed by all 11
Being Boycie
Signed by John Challis
Boycie & Beyond Book
Signed by John Challis
Snow WHite 2014/15 Flyer
Signed by Sue Holderness
EastEnders 20 Years Book
Signed by 57 inc. Steven Woodcock & Nabil Elouahabi