I had heard many great things about this convention, but never got there before. Joining the FB group for it spurred me into getting a weekend early bird ticket, and a few photo ops. The FB group was a true positive experience with everyone who had been before building a huge positive buzz about the event. Normally hype puts me off, but this rang true, and proved to be true. I had an awesome time over the two days, and am going back for the April 2018 event.

My next visit is better planned with me arriving on the Friday and staying Saturday and Sunday nights also. For the December event I booked a train for early Saturday morning, and just the Saturday night for accomodation with a return trip Sunday evening. I ended up arriving two hours late due to train problems, so look a little flushed in pics with GOT guests after meeting them soon after arrival.

It was nice catching up with some old friends - Kira, Jodie, Craig, & John, got to know two others I knew from the WSC London FB group - Becca & Michelle, plus made some new friends - Laura, Ian, Linsey & Claire. Definitely a friendly event, and talked to many other nice people without getting their names unfortunately.

I'm late doing this report for various reasons, but other than singing the praises of the event, it's organisers, the quality of the photo ops, the guests, and the fans attending, I will keep this brief, and just show you who I met, pics with them, and the autographs I got, plus a few other pics.

I am going to start with all the friends I met and made. all I mentioned above are pictured apart from John and Laura. I have a pic with John from H&V last year, but must rectify not getting a pic with Laura at a future event.

These are the photo ops I pre-purchased tickets for, and pictures I had with guests at their signing tables.

These are the autographs I picked up for myself. In addition, there were two others (Ross Marquand and Steven Ogg) I got for friends that are not pictured.

That's all the goodies. Just leaves a few other pics from the weekend.