Long story short. I had a vip ticket for the weekend, but had a hissy fit over prices, so sold it. I did end up buying a general entry ticket for the second day, so I could see friends, and had a great night in the pub with them the night before. I was also at Olympia on Friday for Will Call to pickup my ticket.

In the end, I was glad to attend. After being a full on vip for 2 days the previous year where I met loads, but spent a fortune, this was the complete opposite. I did get to meet six guests, and someone got my poster signed for me by Jeffrey Dean Morgan the day before, but more importantly had plenty of time to spend with friends, see other fans, and have a relaxed day at the event.

Before getting to the guests I met, here's a selection of pics showing off some of my lovely friends at WSC, and a little more including a few selfies with awesome friends in the pub the night before.

For ages before this year's event I had been banging on about how Scott Wilson was my main guest to meet. With 10:30 the scheduled GA pleb opening time, I arrived at 08:00 to make sure I was not waiting too long. Got pissed on with rain,and soaked, but let in at 10:00. Ended up with only 4 people in front of me for Scott, and was done just like that. My main goal completed 10 minutes after getting in. lol. It was awesome meeting Scott, and he was a true gent. He was superb as Hershel, and have enjoyed any roles he has played over the years. He signed my TWD poster, and had a picture with me.

It was then over to Khary Payton who was introduced this season as King Ezekiel,and has been awesome in the role. The most expensive of the guests I met this day, but I do like the guy, and he was lovely to chat with. Shortly after I joined his queue they taped it off behind me for a while. In reality I only waited about 15 to 20 minutes, so not bad. I got a photo and my poster signed plus had a picture with him.

I then slipped on next to him to see the lovely Katelyn Nacon. I was not sure what to expect, but she was delightful, and we had a really pleasant chat. Great lass to meet. I got a photo and my poster signed plus had a picture with her.

After a quick flurry of autographs, I then took a few hours to spend with my friends,and wander about. This was my favourite time of the day, and I loved seeing everyone.

I finished the day meeting three more guests starting with Greg Nicotero, effects and makeup legend, TWD legend, and just a legend. Did meet him last year also, but this year wanted him to sign a Day of the Dead print. Really nice guy. Had a picture with him also.

I then met Denis O'Hare who has been brilliant in so many roles, but become a legend to American Horror Story fans, especially for his recent character Liz Taylor. Meeting Denis was my favourite guest experience of the day. Such a lovely man, and a true pleasure to talk to and meet. He signed a photo for me and had a picture with me.

My final guest was season one cast member Irone Singleton. Had a lovely time meeting him and his wife. He is such a fun character. He signed my poster and a photo, plus posed for a pic.

That was it. Wandered around a bit more, but then headed home. It was sad saying goodbye to my friends earlier, and I cannot wait to see them again. See below for pics of the autographs I got, and pictures with the guests.

Khary Payton
King Ezekiel
Katelyn Nacon
Denis O'Hare
Liz Taylor
[AHS Hotel]
Irone Singleton