This year's WSC was a fun weekend. If you had the resources, the sky was the limit as far as guests were concerned as it was a great lineup, but equally, there was plenty to do if you could not spend much. I met four of the guests this time, but the highlight for me was spending time with friends, some I had not met before, and others I have not seen for a year, plus the wonderful cosplayers, especially the Walkers. The amazing Walker cosplayers were truly brilliant, and made it such a fun weekend interacting with the crowd constantly. There was a good mix of vendor stalls, and other activities I did not get round to seeing. The only gripe was why change the Will Call ticket collection, and entrance system after it worked so well. Saturday was chaotic with many stuck outside until after lunchtime which is not good.

I started off on the Friday by attending Will Call to pick up tickets for myself, and friends. I like this day, and it is a fun way to start the weekend, often having an early chance to see friends, and make new friends. This year I had a good chat with a chap called Simon Brooks I had never met before, and we had a pic together.

After meeting friends on Friday, it was then over to the Olympia Hilton for the WSC London FB group meet up. It was nice seeing some old friends, and catching up with some people I had never had the chance to meet in person.

Although I had a VIP pass, my plan was to queue with my friends who had GA passes, but due to a feck up with the queue management, it soon became apparent I might miss my photo op with Bruce Campbell if I stayed in the queue, so had to leave them, and head inside. While inside, I had time to quickly meet Austin Amelio and Christian Serratos. Both signed my TWD poster, and had selfies with me. Both were chilled and friendly. Christian's selfies are fun.

It was then over to the photo op area for my only photo op of the day, Bruce Campbell. This proved to be the best photo op I have ever had, and I treasure this photo.

Throughout the day I met a number of fellow WSC London FB group members, and friends. I will add all the pictures of the people I had pics with further below. I also had a great time meeting the brilliant cosplayers, especially all those as walkers. They were magnificent. I have also included them below also. There was one more guest for me that day, Pollyanna McIntosh who was a true delight to meet. She kindly signed the poster, and a photo of her character Jadis for me, plus had a pic with me.

The only guest I met on the Sunday was Danai Gurira, one of my favourites in the cast. I had a photo op with her, and met her at her signing table after a bit of a wait where she signed my poster, and signed a Black Panther photo for me.

Pollyanna McIntosh
Danai Gurira
[Black Panther]
Over the weekend I met many friends, and faces from the Walker Stalker Convention London Facebook Group. These are all the people I met up with who helped shape my weekend, and make it fun. There were some I did not get pictures with which is a shame.

One of the big highlights for me was all the wonderful walkers - the people who went out of their way to be creative, and entertain for no other reason than loving what they do. These good folk are stars to me. Thank you.

To finish, here's a few random pictures of other guests I did not meet this time, but some I have met before, and a bit more.